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Henry .17HMR Varmint Express          $430.00


This is the rifle the range riders of the 1800’s would have loved to have had close at hand for picking off varmints or just plinking at whiskey bottles. But since the .17HMR didn’t hit the market until 2002, it will be up to you to make it a legend.


The Henry Varmint Express® rifle packs eleven .17HMR rounds in its tubular magazine. It features a 20″ barrel, comes with a checkered American walnut Monte Carlo stock. Like all lever action Henrys, the action is incredibly smooth from the very first shot. It will enable small game and varmint hunters to take full advantage of the .17HMR with regard to velocity, trajectory, wind drift, richochet resistance, quietness and accuracy.



*Varmint Express is a registered trademark of Hornady Mfg. Co.


Model:                   Henry Lever Varmint Express
Caliber:                  17HMR
Barrel Length:      20"
Overall Length:     37.5"
Weight                   5.9 lbs
Capacity:               11+1

Action:                   Lever

Sights:                    Williams Fire Sights

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